the 12 hour student-run hackathon for all high schoolers

a free event with thousands in swag and prizes

Saturday, September 19th @ Lexington High School

150 hackers | 8:00 am • 11:00 pm

2015 Recap

Thanks for coming to Lexhack 2015!

We hope you enjoyed learning, playing badminton and wii, making friends, and of course, hacking. The winners are posted below. More details about all the projects can be found here, on DevPost. Additional photographs of the event can be found here. See you all next year!

And check out our video of Lexhack 2015:

2015 Winners:

first place First place went to "Mystic Wind", an hardware hack game where a user suspends a ping-pong ball in the air by controlling a fan via LeapMotion. By Andrew Panasyuk, Danny Lu, Dimitri Psyhojos, and Daniel Sagan.

second place Second place went to "Squad Up", a revolutionary new way to coordinate squad events with your friends. By Andrew Lee, Zach Day, Phillip Sifferlen, and Rudhra Raveendran.

third place Third place went to "CommComm", an application to access applications and do various tasks on your computer through voice commands from your phone. By Jacob Kline, Steven Wood, and Avery Durrant.

beginner prize Beginner prize went to "Panda Express", a Chinese food delivery service game. By Ben Choi and Justin Li.

Once again, thanks to all who came. And special thank you to our sponsors, and organizers. This was our second ever LexHack, and the final year of the founders, who are now seniors. :~( Fear not, because LexHack will still be returning next year (thanks to Luke and Vivek)! We wish them the best of luck in the future.

organizers The organizers, from left to right: Clive Chan, Vivek Bhupatiraju, Luke West, Noah Moroze, Kevin Le, and Michael Yang


LexHack is a hackathon for high schoolers of all programming abilities. It’s free, all day (12 hours), and equipped with hackable hardware (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi), great prizes, tons of swag, delicious food (all meals provided!), and mentors to help you build your project. It's Saturday, September 19th in the Lexington High School Main Building. Sign up here!

What is a hackathon? A hackathon is an engineering and coding event where students collaborate to build or program entire projects. Come with a team of friends, or create a team at the event and make new ones. No programming experience? Our mentors can help you get started making a basic web app with our start guide. LexHack's mission is to spread the love of programming and innovation to everyone by making our event as accessible as possible.

Check out last year's archive at


8:00 am • 9:00 amRegistration / mingle time
9:00 am • 9:15 am Opening ceremonies
9:15 am • 9:15 pm Hacking (with breaks for food)
  9:15 pm • 10:00 pm 1st round judging + deliberation
10:00 pm • 11:00 pm Demos / 2nd round judging + closing ceremonies


Who can attend?

Anyone currently enrolled in high school may attend. If you’re in middle school or are otherwise unsure about your eligibility, please email us.

What if I have no programming experience?

No problem! LexHack is a great way to learn, thanks to our start guide and mentors. We even have prizes exclusively for beginners.

How much does LexHack cost?

Absolutely nothing! Unfortunately, we cannot offer travel reimbursements at this time, but feel free to contact us for travel advice.

What do I bring?

Bring a laptop, laptop charger, the signed waiver (which will be sent out in an email before the event), and anything else you want to hack with. All meals and snacks are provided free, so you won't need to bring any. If you require special food accommodations, or don't have a laptop you can bring, please contact us.

How do I make a hardware hack?

Read about available hardware and usage guidelines here.

Do I need a team for LexHack?

Nope! Just make sure you arrive earlier so we can set you up with a team.

How does judging work?

You will have the chance to present your project to and get feedback from a panel of professionals. During deliberation, you can exhibit your project and visit other projects in an all-participant expo.

What are the rules for projects at LexHack?

To be eligible for judging, your project should be your own work! A project can be made using whatever technology you like, as long as you are able to present a working demo. You may use premade general code libraries, but you will only be judged on what is created at LexHack. Contact us if you’re still unsure about what is allowed.

How can I help LexHack?

You can sign up as a mentor here, or as a volunteer by sending us an email. Interested in sponsoring? Check out our sponsor information here.

Other questions, comments, or concerns? Just email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Working with LexHack as a sponsor gives companies a unique opportunity to connect with over 100 of the best and brightest high school students in the region. See the potential sponsorship tiers here.

Interested in donating money, mentors, food, or swag? Just get in touch — we'd love to have you!

Food Sponsors

Special thanks to our food sponsors for providing meals throughout the day!


Need to get in touch? Shoot us an email at!
You can also find us on Twitter @lexhacks.